Discovery Flight - Flying out of Concord Municipal Airport (complete)

Date: 12-5-18 1pm EST
Aircraft: Cessna 172
Registration: N/A
Weather: partly cloudy (VFR to IFR conditions) [Subject to change]
Type: Introduction Flight (1 hour / $185)
Airport: Concord Municipal Airport | KCON

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to announce I have booked a discovery flight out of another Local Airport in Concord, NH!
I first flew back in 2015 out of the Nashua Municipal Airport, in a Cessna 172 (N737BB), and I have been looking for ways to see which schools have good classes.
So this time, I have decided to give Concord Aviation Services at the Concord Municipal Airport a try!

This will be my second time piloting a Cessna 172!

Differences between Nashua and Concord

Nashua has a Tower, which basically means we need clearance to start, taxi, takeoff, enter a pattern, landing clearance, and taxi to parking.

Concord is a UNICOM airport, which has no Tower, and so like Infinite Flight, we must tell others flying into or out of CON our position and what we are doing, so it’ll be the first time for me to use UNICOM.

I really hope I survive this second flight (I’m serious lol) so that I can come back and share my experience and pictures with you all. I hope to have fun!


Good luck and have fun Daniel!


enjoy your flight

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Have fun! I’ve used unicom with 4 other planes in the pattern. Now that was a thrilling experience! Have fun with the unicom, i look forward to hearing your thoughts on it

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That sounds great. Hope I can fly one day…

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I mean, you can fly, just find a flight school and ask for a discovery flight, and you’ll be flying with an instructor and possibly using a Cessna 172.
Go for it, you’ll love it!

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Maybe in a few years… I don’t think I would be allowed to fly yet.

Today is the day!

Today, I’ll not only be heading up to Concord, I actually have to head to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for an Interview for the Piedmont airlines Ramp Agent position!

The interview is at 11am, so I will be heading off to the interview really soon, and then I’ll be heading to the Concord Municipal Airport for the flight at 1pm.

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Hi everyone!

I just landed like an hour or so ago, flying N54302, it was such an amazing experience getting to fly again!
It lasted exactly one hour, and that was awesome!
I flew out to do the usual. We flew past certain points and then we came back and landed. Pretty awesome it was exactly 1 hour.

I flew by myself with the instructor by my side, and he said my flying was really good, and that he hopes I come back again soon.

I unfortunately forgot to bring my logbook lol, so maybe next time when I fly again I’ll make sure to bring it with me


Unfortunately, because I was the only one, I was more focused while flying, but I was able to snap a couple of pictures, even some in the air.

In the terminal

In the airplane

Photo of the outside

Passing by some buildings on approach to Downwind

The Aircraft I flew

Flight Path


Everything went very smoothly, the Instructor was very nice and actually made me fly the entire time, as he was telling me what to do, since I told him I flew a C172 back in 2016, he wanted to see if I retained some of it at most, and I did amazingly, he was rather surprised I could fly well, landing was acceptable though, but in the end, I did great.

Maybe I’ll fly out of Concord again soon :)

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