Discovery flight at Smyrna, TN

Recently, for Christmas I got the best gift I could get and it was a 1hr discovery flight! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a flight where you go up with an instructor and fly the plane where he/she directs you to go. I got into aviation last month because of a video that fascinated me and ever since I learn so much.

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hey cool i got one too! my aunt knows a guy who cropdust their fields and we got to go up in a piper! here is some pics

Hi, don’t you think there fun!? I got up in a C172 Skyhawk

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yes so fun!

I have more pics if you’d want to see them.

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sure! i have some more too

i won’t be around bc i’m in the car and my phone needs to charge and i do need to take a break from my phone


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