Discovering New Infinite Flight Routes

Blog article by Tyler Shelton

Infinite Flight’s first update of 2023 featured a lineup of new liveries fresh out of the paint bay! We know it can be overwhelming to pick a fun route to try when you’re finally ready to take that new aircraft out for a spin. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top 5 routes to try with the new liveries we’ve released so far this year.

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What were some of your favorite routes to try with our latest livery additions?


Thank you for this, this will help many players find a route to do!

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I wish y’all had included the flight times for all of the flights.


Great feedback! We can certainly do that next time 🙂


I wish y’all would add it for the rest of the aircraft :)

Then I think you’ll really like what we’re brewing behind the scenes 😎


Ohh nice, wanna probably try one of those

Not a single free route. What a shame.


attempted to try the c208 route, and interested in the india express one,

you could make one up.

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I like the sound of that Tyler 👀

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You could extend that logic to every player, in turn making the article unecessary, right? 🙃

then again, i’m not the one who made this.

This may come as a shock to you but our goal is to have as many people subscribe as possible so we can grow ;) We’re not building out free features. Think of F2P as a trial version.


One of the reasons I subscribe, it supports y’all!

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Basically this article give players an idea of what routes to do if they can’t come up with any. And I must say, it helps me out a lot cause these are some of the routes I haven’t done before. If you don’t like the routes that are suggested, again, as DJW has said, you could always create your own. Generally from Tyler’s perspective, it’s like “Hey, we found some cool routes to try, feel free to test it out”, you know? Something that attracts the community.

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Wow… I can’t believe I didn’t see this. That makes sense and has truly changed my life forever. Maybe one day I’ll be able to (once again) support y’all.

me too! and its thanks to y’all that we have such good aircraft and scenery!

I feel like more screenshot opportunities are about to happen, shall I prepare? 👀


(Urge to fight sarcasm with sarcasm intensifies)

Thank you for being a valued Infinite Flight user. Have a great day!