Discovering Brazil

hi everyone, here are some shots of one of my trips accros Brazil

this one was Novo Progresso (SBAT) - Tefe (SBTF) with GOL738x

Leaving Novo Progresso

overflyng the Amazonia

Arriving at Tefe


Make sure to take your pictures in replay mode as there is HUD showing in the first picture as per guidelines. Hope this helps!


hi, yes they are all, no worries
they’ve been taken durring replay ; )
there’re all edited aswell

Have you been using the correct screenshot button on the bottom-right? It should be removing the HUD as you can see your label on picture 1.

no I ddin’t use it

Then how is there a label shown on the picture?

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AHH the label at the top yeah, I didn’t find a way to remove it
Sorry to understand it so late…

thanks for the advise

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Quick tutorial, to hide the label for these types of topic!

On the main screen, click on Settings, then go to the “Live” Category. There will be an option called, Hide Airplane Names. Click the box, and the check mark should disappear!
There you go, now you know!

Great photos btw, love the creativity put in!

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got you thx, will act with it from now : )