Discover the underrated countries!

Hello everyone!

This post is made just to invite you to discover Russia on IF!

Since I was born in Russia, (I don’t live there anymore) I like to fly there. I’ve noticed that it is a very unpopular region to fly in. Sometimes there are IFATC events, but not to often. There are usually 2-3 planes flying to the country’s largest airports.

I think that people are scared of Russia in real life, since this country may seem very unfriendly and strange. But actually, there are many cool airports and regions you can fly in. For example, Moscow airports are close to the city, so there are many interesting and difficult approaches ment to avoid flying over the downtown.

I think, it would be really great if more people would fly to Russia from times to times, since there’s not only the Expert Server and people might fly there more often and host ATC in this region to make it a little bit more alive.

I know, that flying in popular countries is more funny, but for the people who like exploring new places and love feeling themselves like local pilots (I don’t know if I am the only one imagining that), Russia is a cool choice.

Unfortunately, there are not many Russian liveries and airlines available on IF, but there are some of them. Maybe some people might not even know that those airlines were Russian. I list all of the liveries below and write some information about the airline, so you can know a bit more:
-Aeroflot - the largest national airline. The only national airline to fly over the ocean. Liveries on IF: A320, A330, B77W/-300, B739 and evening the A350. In real life also has B738, A321 and the Russian made SU95.
-S7 - is the second largest airline, btw it’s private! It’s more based on regional flights, but also provides some international flights. On IF has only the A319 livery, but in real life it has all the A320 family (except the A318) and the gorgeous B738. It was the first airline in Russia to have the A320Neo and the A321Neo
-UT-Air - recently a big airline, but some years ago was nearly bankrupt. During it’s best times, It was specified on very high quality regional flights. Has CRJ-200 on IF.
-Yakutia - is the Eastern airline, based in Siberia, provides regional short-haul flights. Has the Dash-8 on IF.
-Nordwind - the largest Russian low-cost airline. Provides the most popular touristic directions. Has the brand new B77W on IF. In real life also has A320s, B737s and B757s.

Of course, there’s are much more airlines, but those are the only existing on IF, so now you can try flying them.

Thank you for reading! I hope you will like to explore Russia! Good landings to everyone!


Actually, I thought that this topic might be dedicated not only to Russia, but to all unpopular but amazing countries! I encourage everyone to write a bit about the country you think is underrated!


What a great read!! I love to fly to Russia. When I created my VA, I was ecstatic to see that El Al flies to Moscow and have done plenty of trips there (for my VA and for fun)! It’s even a featured route on our website, that’s how much I love to fly there!

Our codeshare with S7 allows us to fly to a lot more places in Russia too! I really love it!

I’m not advertising my VA, rather simply explaining how if it wasn’t for it, I would’ve never thought to fly to Russia!


@omelete_2 I do enjoy flying to and from Russia and I have been to St.Petersburg, Russia which was back in 2015


I am really happy to know that there are people like you!!!

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Go visit Fiji or some South Pacific Islands for once! It’s beautiful there

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To be honest, if we had topography north of 60, it would be much better. But Russia is still an interesting place to fly and I should fly there more often!


I honestly would say that a lot of the US is very underrated.

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Swalbard, Norway is just one of the most beautiful places in Infinite Flight. The scenery is amazing!
Another one I’d say is Nassau, great turquoise waters. It’s another recommend.

Unfortunately, the issue when it comes to Russia scenery is that (as @Butter_Boi said), “If we had topography north of 60, it would have been better.” Especially, if you fly from Kazakhstan up to Russia, there is not much scenery in Russia until you fly above the Pechora River.

Nonetheless, I agree with you that we should discover the underrated countries. But at the same time, people are paying their $10 to play the game, so it’s their choice to fly wherever they want. Hopefully we see more traffic in underrated countries soon!


I agree fellow comrade

Moscow and St Petersburg are below 60N though

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while people are talking about russia what about the african countries (not including Egypt or south african) since most of them havent touched and maybe because there arent enough african airlines

Angola and kenya got some love recently (in term of liveries)

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My home needs some love! The Balkan Countries never have that many people flying there and it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe!

Africa has some island gems like Mayotte, Comoros, and the Seychelles, that I’ve never seen anyone (other than myself) fly to. I would hold an event to raise some awareness to these beautiful nations, but there’s very little parking there.

I’ve actually made a flight from Tirana few days ago) really beautiful and amazing places there!

A really underrated European country in IF is Slovakia. The High Tatras are always a pleasure to fly past. It’s mostly low cost airlines such as Wizz Air and Ryanair which operate flights to this country.

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Ukraine is also an underdeveloped country. In Kharkiv International Airport (UKHH) (I have been there personally) and I know for a fact that runway 08/26 does NOT exist. This was the old runway. As you can see in the image below, it is paved over by the new runway.

Yet Infinite Flight still makes this as a functional runway. I will make a separate post about this, but this is just one example of airports that are not researched that often.

One of my most amazing flights ever was GA flying in the deep south of Argentina and Chile. I started a SAWH, then cruising along Parque Nacional Alberto de Agostini. Then I made my way up north towards El Calafate to see the 3 turquoise lakes and on the other side of that was Parque Nacional Torres de Paine. Probably the best mountain range I ever saw even better than the Himalayas and the Alps and Andes. Then landed in SCHR which was surrounded by mountains. I highly recommend touring the deep south of Argentina and checking out SCHR which is in Chile

I completely agree! I love some s7 regional flying, or a Wizz/British Airways/Aeroflot route from London - Moscow!

I do think certain regions, particularly Eastern Europe and Russia, need more attention. Being partially Slovak, I visit frequently, and the scenery is just stunning! Especially Poprad (LZTT) which is a beautiful airport next to the Tatra Mountains! Would thoroughly reccomend it :D