Discover a new place

Hey fellas

I have a suggestion for all of you to do on IF.

Are you looking for a place to fly where you haven’t been, but you don’t know where to go? I highly suggest you follow these steps. Step 1: Get a 777-200LR, Step 2: Take 5 pilots and a full tank of gas. Step 3: Takeoff but do not look at the map or heading. Step 4: Set the heading and wait 20 hours.

Once you are low on fuel bring the plane down to your new destination. You can discover many exciting places you’ve never heard of.


Warning there is a 71% chance you’ll end up over water.


Yeah no thanks.

I will survive 29% if the time.


I’m sure you will find an Island xD. I found an Island on my first flight across the Pacific when I had little fuel

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Yeah I’m not going to risk it, dude!

And add some more chances of being stuck in the artic xD…

Arctic and Antarctic are great for landing, the land is smooth and there is no one in site


Nice idea! I think it’s a good way to explore and locate new places around this massive world we live in but I think most just wouldn’t want to risk it!

I might actually try it and take off from somewhere like Australia and see where the wind takes me. Would be interesting!

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Lets look at the bright side of that 71% chance of ending up on water, you will find great (unexplored) ocean views, and if you are lucky, you might finde some rare fish species, they might help you to refuel your plane and keep on with your “No destination” journey!


*find Is what I meant

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That depends on where you start, just because the earth consists of 71% water doesn’t mean the probability to be over water from a given point at a given distance will be 71%…

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What you’re describing here is experimental vs. Theoretical Probability. Technically, if you pick up your device at any given time in the “no apparent destination” flight, then yes, Theoretically you have a 71% chance of being over water.

However, if you did this challenge, let’s say, 100 times, you are more likely to experience a result different to 71/100 times being over water than you are, out of the 100 times you did the experiment, likely to be exactly 71/100 times over water.

Here is a small game for you:

Flip a coin 10 times.

Logic (Theoretical Probability) suggests that you will get heads just as many times as tails.

However we know this not to be true. Go on, try it. Count how many times you get heads vs tails.

In the end, I (almost) guarantee that you will have more of one side landing upside than the other.

See what I am saying @Samuel123abc ?

Theoretically, you’re right. However experimentally, you are more likely to be wrong.


Regardless you don’t have to fly for 20 hours xD.

If you want just take a 737, depart from Dubai and head in a random direction for 6 hours, I’m sure you won’t be over an ocean

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Also… If you are flying from EHAM and go towards Asia, you will most likely never go over water (Until like 18 Hours)


Try it out then, discover some random Asian place!

Also I think it’s EHAM not KHAM


Check my above post about Theoretical and Experimental Probability. It’s kinda what you guys are talking about.

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I’m planning on a South America loop soon. I don’t see a lot of ppl down that way, and the Andes and Amazon are sure to be spectacular.

or water molecules in the ocean


I tried this once and somehow ended near Saba and so proceeded to land my A321 there lol

I’m sure you will not see anything ahahha :nerd:

Ok im with you

I’m still with you


Lost interest at about the 3 minute mark

However, great idea. I must try it out!
@Cpt.TC, I don’t really give a damn about the probability of crashing since its a sim. 😂