Discourse text options

I’ve seen people writing in bold, italics, some sort of invisible ink text, etc. and I was looking around on how to do them. I couldn’t find anything, so could someone either explain them to me or direct me to a topic that does? It would really help, thanks!

(Idk if this title made sense)

To create italics, use these things around your text: **

E.g. hello

To create bold text, use two of these things around your text: ****

E.g hello

Hope this helps!


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Thanks! Do you know how to do the invisible ink stuff?

Wait nvm I just figured it out

The Earth Is FLAT!


That was before global!


I think I know how to do that from https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/how-do-i-make-text-look-huge-and-bold/177359

Check the defunct #test category for help with this. Users have made topics in the past testing out some of the text options within discourse.

Go take a look on how to use ‘em! :)

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