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I recently created a feature request on the meta forums (Allow specific people (regardless of trust level) to edit a topic - #11 by tophee - feature - Discourse Meta) so that the feature above could be added, as suggested by people in the topic. I am having trouble to explain why this would be necessary as some people don’t understand it. I would appreciate it if anyone could head on over there and try to help explain it.
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For example: you have a group of people running an event, and the creator of the topic and the others aren’t TL3 and can’t edit the wiki (make sure to clarify in this community, you must be TL3 to create and edit wikis, standard is TL1), and they need to be able to all edit the topic at any time, so the creator white lists these other people to be able to edit the topic


That is in fact what I said in the main topic. People are suggesting that we just make the category accessible by everyone to edit ANY topic in that category.


Also suggesting that we create a category for every single group.


This is a really great idea! It’s too bad that they don’t understand it😔

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They’ll never add this feature simply because there are many other alternatives and other ways to do so.

I’m sorry but you need to be an admin to understand some of those features 😶


If there is an alternative, why haven’t we used those now?

Simply because this is not strongly needed. I mean it’s not fundamental for this community.

This is my vision for this feature request, I’m not saying that the owners of this community are sharing this vision with me. However I’m pretty sure that they agree with this ascertainment ;-)

I can think of many ways this could be helpful to a lot of people.

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I guess it would mostly be a connivence. It would still help alot of people though.

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Name a few please , because i can see how this could be abused and over used. To be honest i think its a blatant move to circumvent and undermine the trust level system because someone (not you necessarily just a over generalization) cant reach TL3 and 4

This idea is funny because regulars and mods already have that ability. So i would love to hear your supporting arguements. How about lets just earn tl3? Whats so hard about that?

Alright here we go 😂:
1.) This feature would be very useful for VAs. Me being an event coordinator, it’s sometimes hard to sign people up as so many people request. Having a trusted staff member help monitor the thread would be excellent. People who create events can’t monitor the thread 24/7 so it would be helpful to have someone else.
This feature would also be useful for a VA thread. I’m sure almost all VAs have some sort of staff team. So, give the staff permission to edit the thread in case something new is added, help clean the topic up, keep the topic up to date, and so on. It would take a lot of stress off the CEO who currently has to do all that by themselves.
2.) This could be useful for the #real-world-aviation category. In the real world, things are always changing. So, to help keep up with the ever changing world, one could add a buddy to help add updated information on said topic. And let’s be honest, no one wants to read through 100+ replies on a topic. Yes, we do have a summarize button but I rarely see that being used and it doesn’t really help out as that could be abused.
3.) This could also be useful for #features. Some things that are requested aren’t yet used in the real world. And that could lead to some design changes and technical changes. To help with that, another trusted buddy could be added to edit it and keep up with the changing design.

This feature would really help out anyone and everyone in the forum as could take away the hassle of one person going in and editing a topic. And you’re right, TL3 and higher can do this but even those levels get abused. Hance the reason we had to have the community “switch up” where a lot of people lost thier TL3 status. And who’s to say that can’t happen again? There are plenty of people who deserve TL3, but some don’t necessarily deserve it (like you said, not targeting you just a generalization). Not everyone has the time to be on the forum so having a helping hand could be beneficial in some scenarios. The chances of this being abused are very slim because the people we allow to edit the topics would be trusted, responsible people. I’m all for this idea and I believe it could really be used to do good. :)


The to[ reason is the EXACT reason I and many others want this @Shawn_Coleman

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In response to#1: A VA can just create a VA IFC account like Quantas Virtual did. Solved.

In response to #2

Unfortunately you can’t speak for everyone and Discourse and IFC encourages memebers to read through threads and, in fact as of until late, reading through threads was a big part of gaining TL3 in the since that the more time you spent on IFC the better chances of gaining TL3.

In response to #3: why would you request something that is not already used in the real world? The features category is interesting because your votes are limited and are payed very close attention to by FDS…let’s not waste your vote, your time, and the studio’s time on things that don’t exist…

I’d suggest waiting for the finshed product to be released IRL and then making a request for it so you’re request can be taken seriously.

In closing

I still hold that this idea is an effort to circumvent and undermine the trust level system. My best advice for anyone looking to becomea regular and or Moderator is just to trust the process…dont circumvent or undermine it. Be yourself, be the best person you can be, treate others as you want to be treated, and be the person you want to become. This is literally almost word for word in the community guidelines:

Thanks for listening. I definitely considered your arguments and arrived at the same conclusion. Good night guys!

Nop, this system will have many issues later. We already have a system called trust levels. Everyone start as TL0 and finish maximum TL3/TL4. It’s a mandatory system. But, with the “whitelist” systems, we will have for sure issues with it.

Some people will ask why they’re not white listed, why they can’t etc etc… People are no longer equal.

As I’ve told you there are some alternatives, if there’s a real need, I’m sure that the IFC team will take that in consideration. But for now, I don’t think it’s the case.

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