Discourse glitch?

Hi everyone,

I just made a new topic but there’s a small issue. The text format seem to spread throughout the whole text, way different from the preview.



I haven’t seen this before. Are there any mistakes I made along the way? Please help. Thanks.

I don’t use discourse I just have to keep connecting my account over and over again.

This forum is Discourse, so yes you do.


This is because you have the


On one of the letters connecting the post, causing to enlarge everything :) has happened to me before.

Just find one of the letters that you enlarged and remove the “-“ and it’ll be normal text again.

I’m afraid I don’t have the “-“. I’m still searching for the issue. Thanks though.

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Feels like the center alignment is the problem though?
I would just move those to the outer sections instead;

<div align=center><h1><kbd> and then finish it off in the same way.


Thanks, my problem is that I used </center> instead of </div> and the order for closing the text. All is fine now. Thank you all for the help.