Discourse feature vote bug

Discourse fail to Sorte the feature requests by vote count.
If you look at the default sorting you will find the C-17 rework with 124 votes:

But if you sort by votes:

it is not in the right place…

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Might be something on your end. It’s showing up for me.

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In your first picture you’ve selected “Latest”, doesn’t that show the topic with latest activity?

What happens if you click/press on “Votes”, to the right of “Latest”? It show everything in order of the most voted to the least then.

I think he means that the C-17 rework topic is not showing up where it should when you sort the topics by votes.


Very strange, just tried with logging out and sort it by votes, everything’s is ok. Logged back in, and the bug is there again.
And it has nothing to do with my votes, other features I voted for are correctly listed…

The first one is to show the C-17 thread and it’s vote count. It needs to be sorted in a other way the votes, cause when I sort by votes I is not displaying…

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Oh I see now, in that case, then I, just like Taipei, am not facing this bug… odd…

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