Discourse Email Responding Replies not Working

So as of recently a feature I use frequently to answer messages has not been working. When you get a message on the forum, you can set it up in your preferences to get the message sent to your email. You can then respond directly in your email and it will reply on the forum what you sent.

It was working for over a year now but in the past few weeks it just stopped. Anyone else experiencing this or have any tips?

All of my settings are unchanged and I have a valid email that is sending messages, itโ€™s just giving me a Discourse error message when I try to send a email.

Itโ€™s still working for me. I can screenshot my settings in a bit

I think I figured it out actually! Of course I figure it out right after posting. Let me test it then this can be closed after. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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Fixed! Flagged for closure