Discourse December Update

Infinite Flight Community has had another update!

Hey IFC,

As some may have noticed, IFC has had a little update to its menus if you’d call it, they’re only small things, but nonetheless is an update, so let’s see some of the new things:


New side bar now comes in from the left


Notifications side bar comes in from the right


Tool bar appears more Bold


As of now, that’s all I can see, but hopefully this is something that stays as it’s not too badly done. ✅

See you around!


The layout seems to be updated aswell.


the title for a thread in mobile is changed and the profile pic dissapear after a while as well


I personally like the animations it makes it feel “realistic”


Thank you @CR3W. The complete list of changes can be found below. Most of the changes outlined are admin features with the exceptions of icons and new layouts.

Outside of the UI, one change you may notice is:

Limit consecutive replies

Do your users like to reply to themselves in a topic over and over again? Or reply to different users each as a new reply instead of quoting? Discourse now limits users to no more than 3 consecutive replies. If the user attempts to post more the reply will not be posted, and they’ll be instructed to edit their last post instead. The maximum number of consecutive replies can be modified via the max consecutive replies site setting.

The moderation team has been emphasizing the use of the edit button instead of constant replies in an effort to help keep the forum free from clutter. If you receive this warning, please edit your post instead of posting a new reply.


Ah,when I logged in this morning I felt that something was weird!

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This is great! Love the new update :)

Everything looks more squished in my opinion.

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This update bothers me. I dislike how the profile button and topic selection times out, the fade animations seem a bit weird, and I don’t personally like how the topics come from the left… This update seems a bit clunky to me, honestly.
I’m sure we’ll all get used to it though! :)

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It feels like the update on Google Chrome a while ago which made it all “modern”, and not really many people (at least me) liked it.

(Sorry for going off topic and talking about Chrome😂)

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That’s weird, I was pretty sure nothing had changed since last Saturday. Until I clicked on this topic.
Honestly, I prefer the old style. The notification bar and menu bar are just too “not my style”.

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This is rather BS… When you swipe from the left to bring up the Notifications Menu thing, it won’t work when in a PM, and you try to slide it. The Notification Bar appears for a split second then disappears… sooo yeah… a little buggy maybe… don’t if it’s only like that for me?

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Nah, working fine here. Not saying i like it though, but it’s working.


Whenever I want to go back to the home page from a topic it brings me to the category it was in. I don’t think that is particularly normal

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