Discourse bugs?

Makes sense, but your also one of the active users, I don’t see why you weren’t on the list of bubbles

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Im pretty sure somethings up:

It’s because the thread is either not big enough or not enough simultaneous contributions, it really depends on the inner-workings of discourse. From my point of view, everything is working correct and fine. Two bubbles.

I can explain this. The original poster is also the most recent poster. That’s why there’s one bubble.

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Oh, this all makes sense now, I get it now.

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And I just checked the thread in the screenshot. @RotorGuy is the original poster and the most recent one :)

If the OP is the most recent, his bubble is highlighted in blue. If there’s more than one person replying, there should be more than one bubble.

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That’s what I thought too about this.

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Regarding this, i have stopped receiving response notifications:

The bubble display count depends on something I cannot really get hold of. It’s something to do with the size of the topic or activity or perhaps even age ??

It’s something that happens even in the original discourse. I think there’s no bug.

@Hamza.N let me see how I can help You :)

We’ll see what schyllberg or another moderator says.

Actually I am not getting reply notifications too. Must be related with the forum maintenance.

However, the first bug You listed is not a bug:

A maximum of 5 bubbles can be shown. The first bubble is the OP. The next 3 bubbles are the next 3 people who replied to that topic. The last bubble is the most recent poster.

Are You sure? From what other topics tell me, it’s the most active contributors, not the next three people who replied.

I may be mistaken, although I could have sworn that I was right. Strange…

You are, If you scroll up under the original post, it tells you that everyone who has replied to this thread is a “Frequent poster”. Thus the frequent poster with the most comments should be on there aswell as the recent poster.

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How about we just wait and wait for Discourse to finish their updates. Trying to figure out logic is pointless at the moment until they are done. Closing this to continue in existing topic.