Discourse bugs?

Bug 1:

I dont know if this is a bug or not but its my first time noticing it:

Shows 1 person replied excluding OP

But multiple people have replied

There are also many other threads with this supposed bug.

Bug 2:

Ive stopped receiving response notifications for some reason:


Seems like im not the only one:

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There is some maintenance going on. I have the same thing.


Maybe try refreshing the site? 🤷‍♂️

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Hmm. Schyllberg says its only behind the scene changes and nothing to do with appearance or features?


Maybe that is it. But the topic says that it should be in Read only mode. But people have still replied to the same topic?

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Idk what else it would be then. As I have the same thing going on.


It could be maintenance, the forum might not go into read-only for the entire process

EDIT: I have the “glitch” too


I have not noticed it until now, really. It does not bother me though.

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I noticed it too, probably the maintenance @schyllberg was talking about.

Hey, I must have replied to that topic!


I believe that ‘bug’ is actually an intended feature. On the outside it shows the original poster and the last person who replied. Inside the topic it shows everyone.

It’s just a theory, since I’m on mobile and can’t actually see the format. I’ll hop on my computer and check.


But normally it shows the people with the most replies, like this:

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No its definitely a bug. Some threads will have like 11 replies from various people but it will only show the OP.

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I just checked on the computer. What seems to be the case is that the most active and recent contributors are shown. Perhaps I’m going to dig around discourse to find out.

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Yea, I am having the same problem

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Just a quick question. Are you guys receiving notifications for replies and likes?

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I wouldn’t think of this as a problem though.

From what I can see and find, the user icons appear in a certain manner, because of the thread’s:

  1. Size;

  2. Active Contributors;

  3. Recent contributors.

This research was done purely by analysing this and other forums.

I am. If You are not, go to profile, preferences, notifications. @Hamza.N


Yes I am, I’ve gotten about 20 today.

This very thread is experiencing this problem.
Even though @Ignas04, @Infinite_Flight_Sims and multiple others have replied and are active too.


So in conclusion to my research:

  • Maximum 5 user bubbles.

  • More contributors/age/activity, the more bubbles.

  • Bubble number one is the original poster.

  • Bubbles 2-4 (assuming max. Bubbles are present) are most active Contributors.

  • Bubble number five is the most recent poster.

  • The last dot is applicable to sizes 1-5, the second to last dot 3-5.


Again, it’s not a problem. Everything is good here. The more contributions, the more bubbles will appear.