Discourse App for IFC [ Closed]

Hey just downloaded Discourse for IFC but I’m unable to connect IFC to discourse.

Can anyone help me to do so ?



Under the search type community.infiniteflight.com

And then it should ask you to sign in.

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Hey @Varunsehdev!

Do you happen to be logging in with a google account? I believe I have run into this issue before as well. I’ll try to reproduce it and see what I find.

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Hi I downloaded Discourse after which we have to add community front he search tab but they are taking spaces between the words and not accepting Infinite as any community .

Please make sure it’s the Discourse Hub app, not the other purple one available on iOS

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Are you sure that when searching for it, you leave no spaces whatsoever and copy the URL you’d see on a browser?

This is what it should look like.

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Hi Ues this was usefull its completed. Thank you so much.



Yes its done now. With community.infiniteflight.com

Thank you so much.

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Alright, you’re welcome! Also, let me know if you run into issues while logging in, every time I attempt to log in, I have to go through this long process of working around an error message to get it to work correctly.

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