Discord sever acess

I had access to the pro discord subscription but when I logged in today to do a group flight I couldn’t see the group flight sever and all the other one as well I opened the infinite app to see if the discord got disconnected and it did but then I try to login in and it says error code 5 this discord account is already connected to a infinite flight subscription. I attach screen shots off when my subscription ends and the error code and the what I see in the discord sever.
My discord name is vazuyi but I have it as vazuyi | Grade 3

Operating system:


Hello @CaptainBasheer,

I am, for whatever reason, unable to find your Discord username. If you’d like, you can feel more than free to DM me on Discord (I’m ‘Adam’ on the Infinite Flight server) and we can continue there.

If you’d rather stick on this thread, that’s also more than fine! I just need your Discord username, inclusing the numbers after the #, so I can try refreshing your roles.

All the best!


Hello @Adam i couldn’t find you on the discord channel so I’m just attach my username here in this thread vazuyi || Grade 3#5268.

Have you tried leaving and joining the server?

Yes I tried everything I even waited a day and now it’s two days

I just added Adam

Hello again,

I believe this may be an issue beyond our control. @schyllberg will probably know more about this area than me, but it seems you’ve got two accounts, and the account with the pro subscription hasn’t got your Discord connected.

You could also try emailing support@infiniteflight.com

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In Infinite Flight, go to Settings > Account > Discord Account. What does it say there?

Your Infinite Flight account isn’t linked to a Discord account.

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It says connect and I tried to but it doesn’t let me

No I only have one and I only used this discord account to connect before it let it I don’t understand why it’s not letting me connect now

It was before but it isn’t now and it won’t let me connect

This is when I first got the infinite flight subscription and connect with discord and I’m still using the same discord and same device to this day.

What happens when you try to connect then?

It says this account has been connected with a another infinite flight subscription but I only have one subscription

Ah okay!

I’ve found the old account and deleted it.
You should be able to link your Discord account to your app account now.ö


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It still says I don’t have pro subscription but it let me connect to the sever now

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Leave & rejoin.

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It worked thank you so much for your help guys I appreciate it.