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So, yesterday I renewed my If subscription for another 6 months & I noticed that the discord server which had so many channels (I was pro member before too, so could access pro-only features) is showing only 2-3 channels now. Why is that so ? What do I need to do now in order to access the pro only features on server back again ?

The bot that assigns roles in the server can take up to 24 hours to refresh your roles. If after 24 hours, you’re still not assigned the “Pro Subscribers” role, please bump this thread and a moderator or staff will get to you.

Yes It’s been more than 24 hours…what do you mean by “bump this thread” ? What do I have to do ?


We’re currently (as in like right now) deploying a lot of changes at once to how we handle this behind the scenes. I’ll manually refresh your roles once the dust settles to make sure you get them.


Alright…not an issue !! Thanks for update :)

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You should be good to go now @AvioBird777350! Thanks for your patience.

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Yes…just checked now !! It’s working fine as before, thanks a lot for help

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