Discord server suggestion

I have a discord suggestion but I don’t know where I’m allowed to post it so can I post it here?
Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: iPad OS 16

If it is a suggestion for the discord, maybe not here. But if it is a livery suggestion or something or some suggestion with the sim it self, over here is ok

As you have given your device and operating system, did you mean to post this in support? If so please elaborate on your issue.

No it’s a discord suggestion I didn’t know if I was supposed to keep it or not so I kept it

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Alright. I’m sure someone here will know where to post it— so I’d just wait.

They are posted in the Discord server.

Well I’m not in the discord so I can’t suggest it there

Here is the link to the discord server : Infinite Flight

I’m banned but I wanna make a suggestion

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