Discord Server issues

I have been having this issue since March of 2022, where I can’t access some of the features on the official Infinite Flight Discord server. I have attached a photo showing what is currently available for me at this time. I am not sure if this might be able to help to resolve the issue but I am grateful for the attempt that our technical support team has put into getting this resolved.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.
OS: Android 13.

Hello @John_Wixk_jr,

Can you please check if your discord account is linked to IF?

Where can I look for that? Because the day I paid for my monthly subscription to Infinite Flight it sent me a direct link to the IF discord server where it showed that I was added. After that it showed me the rules for the server and all the channels that are available to me.

Update I actually found it. It says that my IF account is linked and I have access to the “Pro-Only” Discord Server.

Great! So are you in the server now and can see everything?

No, not everything. Someone who was also added to the Discord server said that I should have access to three more channels “lounge, voice chat, and misc”.

The two pictures I added to this thread are the same thing I am seeing right now as we speak.


From what I can see, you currently don’t have an active subscription. Last one expired early October.

To access the additional channels, an active PRO subscription is required.

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That’s weird because I am currently subscribed to Infinite Flight pro right now. And my next due date is December the 1st.

Can you share a screenshot from Settings → Account in the app?
Because on the account with the following details, there is no subscription:

Username: John_Wixk_jr
Callsign: Joan 22
Discord: JohnWixkjr

Sure thing.

Here it is in all it’s glory.

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Okay, that’s odd. I can see you’re able to fly perfectly fine too and your sub is active in other systems.

You’re not in the Discord server right now though, are you? I can’t find you in the members list :)

Yeah, for some reason I can’t access the lounge, voice chat, and misc channels on the server. I had this problem since 2022 but never reported it till this day.

Can you leave the server and rejoin?

I tried that multiple times before and it didn’t work. But i will try again it helps.

I have rejoined and it is the same as always.

Yes now I see.

JohnWixkjr is what you have linked to your account.
John_Wix_jr is what you’re trying to use in Discord.

You’ve mixed up your Discord accounts :)

I used the same email for both my IFC and Discord accounts. It’s just the username that is different. I even unlinked and then relinked it back and it was the same email that I used for my Infinite Flight community platform. All I have to say is that it is a very special case you guys have here lol.

Now after you relinked it works. I was able to refresh your roles.

Just for reference - this is usually irrelevant since email addresses are not shared between platforms. So what you used for Discord is not something we’ll be able to see :)

Oh no, still have the same issue. I can’t talk to anyone on the server, I only can get official announcements, and know when events are being held. But for everything else, I have no access.