Discord Required for IFATC?

Hey guys,

Since I plan on applying for IFATC within the next couple of days, I saw in some posts that I’ll receive a Discord invite for the IFATC discord. Is it required? Because I don’t… well I don’t have it. If I need it, I’ll try to find a way to get it, but as of now, I don’t and will try not to have it at all costs.


Discord is indeed a requirement for IFATC Communication purposes. It’s a free application available on many platforms, and shouldn’t be difficult to set up. If you need assistance, my inbox is open.


Fair enough, I’ll try to get it.

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Yes, discord is how we communicate with one another. You must have Discord.

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@Crcoli737, yes discord is a requirement for IFATC. You can message me and I can help you with it too.

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No I know how to use it and everything, it’s just that I was addicted to it, if that makes sense and I had to get rid of it. But, I’ll try to get it for IFATC only.

Topic can be closed… My question is answered.