Discord Question

How do I link a new discord to my Infinite flight acc so i can get access the the whole server?

Ipad 8
Newest IOS

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Go into the Infinite Flight app > three bars in the top left > Settings > Account (on the left hand side) > Discord Account.

There should then be an option (on the right hand side) to link a discord account.

Please note you need an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription to access the full server.

Hello, i have done that i would like to link a new one

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Click on the Discord name and there should be an option to “unlink”.

My old discord account was suspened, so it doesnt let me

This is deliberate - you can’t unlink a banned Discord Server in order to get back on the IF Discord Server by linking a new account - as that is effectively “ban evading”.


Ok thank you for your help

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No problem! Any other questions - feel free to send me a message.

Have a good rest of your day!