Discord or Slack

Just wondering - do you prefer Slack or Discord when communicating for a VA or VO?
Results are anonymous!

  • Discord
  • Slack

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In my opinion, Discord is mainly for gaming while Slack is mainly for work. So I prefer Slack for professional occasions like VAs and Discord for gaming with friends and chatting about weird stuff online!


What’s a VO?

Virtual Organisation such as IFAE,IFATC, IPP


Ah ok thanks 👍🏻

I dont hate slack but discord is so much easier to use in my opinion but everyone is entitled to their own opinion too.


Discord is free whereas slack starts to delete messages when your storage is full and the only way around it is by paying the monthly fee.

Team speak is better then both


Skype is the way to go lol 😂🤣

Discord is so much better by far. Much easier to use, on both the organiser and user side.

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discord ftw

I prefer slack as it is used for work. It is easier to organise work together. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. Overall, they both do the same thing. Except that slack deletes messages after a while.

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Discord is way better then slack, but slack just seems to be more professional and discord more for gamers. In discord you can easily use voicechat for example and there are more bots for discord.

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Discord cause of voice channels

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I say Slack is much better for a VA/VO, as you could have a better moderation of what’s going on.


Never used Slack, so I would have to say Discord. Discord’s ease of use and simple layout makes everything better. Plus I’ve got a lot of friends on there. I’d have to try out slack, but Discord overall seems much more popular.

Discord is a bit more troublesome as not everyone has a good quality microphone for live chat…

Slack is just easier to use in general.

So in some way, both have their ups and downs, depending on what you like.

Slack is more professional then discord, on the other side you use discord for games talking chatting ect…

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