Discord IFATC

I am trying to get into the IFATC discord but can not find a link that works, If someone can help me, I am trying to join to talk to a controller about a violation.

Thank you.
Deathsix (current callsign American 456)

You could contact the controller through IFC and not Discord because that is limited to IFATC members and staff

The IFATC Discord is only for qualified IFATC members that have passed both the written and practical exams. To talk to a controller, you must message the controller here on the forum. Their in-game tag is the same as their IFC username.


Do I have to @ them in a conversation or would it be through a direct message?

I can set up a message for you if you provide the name of the controller.

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Well the controller was you, so hello


I will send you a message.

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