Discord i can't join

I can’t join the discord server can someone help me please?

Hi @jimkol1945!

Are you able to provide any screenshots of what you’re seeing on your app? It’ll help me gauge what may be the issue.

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Can you please elaborate?

Are you a pro subscriber?

Yes I have the subscription

Hi Evan also the Infinte flight bot send me a message saying that I don’t have the pro subscription but I already have it

Hey! Try leaving the server then rejoining though the settings page inside of Infinite Flight. There it’ll give you the option to connect your discord. If the issue persists, let us know :)

I have tried a lot of times. I joined the server from the Instagram I commented and gave me the link but I will try it one more time

I joined but I got a message saying that I don’t have pro subscription but I have it


You haven’t connected your Discord account to your Infinite Flight account. Start by doing that :)

It’s done from Settings → Account in the app.
Then leave & rejoin the server.

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I can’t join

And that is because your Discord account isn’t connected to your app account as earlier explained.

Go into Infinite Flight and press connect your account to IFC

It should look like this if you are connected

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Ty for ur support but i can’t join

Ty for ur support but I can’t join

Did you follow the step listed above by schyllberg?

You have to connect your Infinite Flight account to your discord account. Follow the steps in the image above.


I did what he told me but it doesn’t let me join

Show a screenshot that u have connected your discord to Infinite Flight

This is what I can only see

And that’s because your account isn’t linked.

In Infinite Flight, go to Settings → Account and then link your account :)