Always thank you guys for your hard work. I am not completing my flight even once in 2023!!! Is this a server issue? what’s the matter??? Disruptions while driving happen every day. Why? I hope for a quick solution to the problem!!!


Hi, could you please give some more information on what is happening (eg: how often does this happen?, when as in during landing or takeoff, where, is it a busy airport and what graphics settings have are set). Also this should be in the #support category since this is a technical issue.

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Not a whole flight but so do I :(

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I do long haul flights often! No, I’m using two iPad 3rd generation pro 12.9 every day! Account 1 is using two accounts, IFK-jeong_wook-1 and IFK-jeong_wook2. The graphics are set to 60, and the screen always turns off when flying long distances.

Ok, I would recommend setting the FPS to 30, putting everything on either medium or low graphics, closing all other apps before flying and restarting infinite flight as well as your device.

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