Disconnection from live server issue

Every 5-10 minutes it seems to disconnect me from the live server then re connect anyone else got this?

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Is your wifi connection good?

Ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection. If so this shouldn’t happen.

Personally I have no issues.

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Is this on training server? If so, it’s happening to people in the event I am currently at.

Have exactly the same problem, my Wifi is good. It disconnects all 3- 4 Minutes


What server are you using?

Yeah I am in training server and the people with me have the same problem

Training Server. Very busy at the moment.

It seems to be an isolated case only on that server.

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I’ll see if we can get a server reset. Please stand by.


Thanks for helping @schyllberg and @Chatta290

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Thanks but I did nothing, it was all Seb.

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You tried. Better than doing nothing. ;)

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Just came back to see I got disconnected to the live server. Was it because of the reset? @schyllberg

Not sure. I haven’t received any confirmation of it. I’ll check.

got the same problem

Yeah mine too! On training server here
Am sure Wifi work perfectly and my device too

WiFi connection good? It needs decent WiFi.

hopefully it means they’re rolling out the md11/dc10

Server issues like this are never related to version rollouts.