Disconnection Error?

Hello, today I was flying from JFK to CYYZ. Now as I entered Final, I tabbed out of the game a few times to make sure that my IFAssistant was working, A few moments after, I receive this message, can anyone explain what this means?

[Edit: There was no ATC online at the time]

Device: iPad Generation 5
Operating system: IOS 15.3.1

It means you were reported for not responding to ATC.

Don’t do this if you’re in an active ATC airspace. Your situation is exactly why.

If you wish to converse with the @appeals team, send them a message.

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The thing is though, there was never any ATC online we were all on Unicom. Plus, if I’m on final then i’m not going to leave my device.🤔

Try contacting @Varunsehdev directly and maybe ask them to compare your replays to see the reason. Today when controlling I experienced some communication issues with disappearing aircraft, maybe that was something similar.

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Judging by the screenshot you have provided above, ATC was active at the time as the ICAO of the airport (CYYZ) is shown as green, which represents an active ATC frequency.

The controller issued you an unable to communicate disconnection. It is important to note that this only disconnects you from the server for that flight and when issued with an unable to communicate disconnection, it does not result in any form of violation that is stored on your account such as a level 1, 2 or 3 so there is no need to contact appeals.

Your more than welcome to contact the controller who has been tagged above though if you wish to discuss further and gain an understanding and reasoning.

Take care mate!


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