So tomorrow I am doing an overnight flight. However, for a portion of the flight i’m going on a car trip where I may lose connection. I have a theory that if you disconnect, you just keep flying but solo, and then go back to multiplayer when you reconnect. Is this true?

Extended periods offline from the servers can result in a permanent disconnection from the live server for the duration of your session. For all flights online, you must be connected to some sort of WiFi or cellular data throughout the entirety of the session. I suggest leaving your device at an area with the suitable connection requirements for Infintie Flight to operate while you are away. Let the autopilot do the work while you are away.


Issue is it’s a car trip that is going to my grandparents house for the weekend, so it may be tricky.

My suggestion to you if you want to avoid this issue is to start the flight earlier so you can land before you get in the car.

It’s an event which is my main issue. I think i’ll just hope and pray that I’ll get stable wifi throughout the flight lol.

Ahh gotcha. Chances are you’ll get disconnected but you can try whatever you want or tell grandma and grandpa Infinite Flight is more important than them.


Hey, @LongHaulGuy!

While Asher’s response isn’t wrong, there is a workaround for this, or at least one that’s worked for me.

I know this seems odd but stick with me here.

  1. Approximately ten minutes before you expect to be disconnected from the internet, turn off your device’s connection (cellular data, WiFi, etc. However, do not enable Airplane Mode).

  2. When you can ensure that you are offline, lower the graphics (via Infinite Flight settings).

  3. Turn your internet connection back on when you can, and enjoy the remainder of the flight! Feel free to adjust the graphics as necessary, too.

Note #1: While this has worked for me multiple times, I cannot guarantee that this will be the case for you.

Note #2: Scenery will not be available until you reconnect.

Note #3: I remember mimicking a flight from EWR-AUA in Infinite Flight when I was en route in real life. It was awesome!

Wait what does this mean?

Scenery as you fly along generates but you need WiFi for it to do so. Without WiFi, high definition scenery cannot load onto your flight.

Ok thank you! But how do I get off the wifi mid flight?

If you’re on iOS/iPad OS, open the Control Center and turn off WiFi and/or Cellular.

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