Disconnecting randomly from live servers

Recently during my flights, I have noticed that I consistently disconnect and reconnect to the infiniteflight live servers, sometimes not reconnecting at all. I am pretty sure that the issue is not to do with my Wifi as it is always on 2-3 bars throughout my house. If it is of any importance, my device is a 3 year old IPhone 11. This problem is relatively new, and I only began noticing it after update 23.2…


I know you said it might not be your WiFi but it might be. Your Internet can be good, but is it stable? im not sure but if it keeps happening maybe try deleting and reinstalling infinite flight
(doing this will delete your replays)
I’m not sure hope this works

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Yup, this occurs flight after flight. The device I use is a 3 year old IPhone 11, and i normally restart the app before I fly.

Alright, I am mentioning because this is multiple times this has happened.

Instead of copy pasting from related topics without reading the actual topic, why don’t you read what the issue is, help if you know how to help, or just stay quiet?

Simply copy pasting and asking questions that OP already answered in their post is pointless and in no way helpful.


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