Disconnecting Problems while controlling on Expert

Device: Ipad Air 2
IOS : 10.0.2
Free Space: 26,24 gb

In the last few Days i have major disconnecting problems and crashes. That doesn’t mean that my Wifi disconnects , more than many planes disappearing from the screen, while other aren’t. Also when having more than 10 planes on the frequency the app crashes most of the times . What i did to now:

  • restarted the Ipad
  • Deleted and re-installed IF with and without Itunes
  • did a reset of network settings
  • tried two different wifi networks (not mine), all the same

If playing IF , all other applications are closed, i already tried to change in-game settings, no effect there…also nor using VPN or other software what would change DNS…
It slowly makes it unplayable, funny thing it’s just happening when on ATC, flying is fine…
Ideas appreciated…

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