Disconnecting from server

• IPhone 14
• IOS 16.5

I have been having a problem since maybe 23.1 I would say. I will disconnect from Live Server and reconnect over and over again. Which at first I really thought it was my Wi-Fi even though my Wi-Fi is really really fast. I didn’t think to much of it other than something on my side I need to fix. Until maybe some months later 1. I started to realize I’m not the only person with this problem and 2. I went to my grandparents and flew on a different device with different Wi-Fi that was also very fast and it still happened. Now weird thing is is that it happens in certain parts of the house. Like my bathroom it happens on the far side of the bathroom and my room and living room. At my grandparents I was literally sitting maybe idk 3 yards from the router maybe shorter and it kept happening over and over and over again. But when I moved it stopped. I Checked Wi-Fi speeds in all the areas it happens the most and it was very fast speeds each time with upload and Download speeds being around 100 and 200. Now 2022 I never had this problem especially in the areas of the house it happens the most in which is annoying cause when I’m in those areas and I touch the screen it disconnects, reconnects, disconnects, reconnects over and over may stop for a bit then does it again. It is so frustrating especially in a busy airspace when and atc contacts me. I get disconnected and I either have to send the message again or I don’t even know. When I was leaving Phoenix today atc said immediate takeoff as I was about to reply I disconnected. The whole time before that I never disconnected not once until that exact moment when atc needed me to be fast. It did it twice like it did it on purpose and I got so mad. I reconnected though and moved on. Now something I tried is just disconnecting from the Wi-Fi. Playing on cellular I get 0 disconnects even on the weakest signals having maybe 1 very slow bar it doesn’t disconnect but on Wi-Fi all hell breaks lose. But yeah that’s the only problem I’ve been having for a while hopefully it gets solved soon cause I’ve been dealing with it for a couple months thinking I was the only one but I’m not alone haha. I haven’t seen other people talk much about it on here but on instagram I see people talking about it and I tell them it happens to me too.

Another issue that has popped up recently is where maybe a notification or something pops up and alters the screen I guess what you would call it or if you have apple and you get a low batter notification it pauses the game and if you don’t get it off your screen quickly you for some reason get disconnected from the server and it won’t reconnect you back. This was so frustrating especially when I’m half way into my flight and it does that. I see other people also have that issue. Back then last year that didn’t happen. A notification would be on the screen for maybe an hour could be and when I come and notice it and remove it I’m disconnected from the server yes but immediately get reconnected and I’m fine. Now seems like also after 23.1 this issue shows up. So 2 disconnecting issues me and other people have been dealing with. With me having seen that other people also have these problems and tried fixing stuff on there end and it not working or me being at different locations with different devices on different Wi-Fi tells me that this is an issue on the infinite flight side of things which I’m 95 percent sure is the case.

Now this is a lot of info if you made it all the way through congrats thank you for reading my mess I’m sorry this may be way to much to read but just wanted to get it all out there and hopefully get noticed and an answer and possibly the issue being fixed.

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