Disconnecting from server

Does anyone else randomly disconnect and connect back to online server over and over again? This started happening maybe in February or January can’t exactly remember but I thought everyone had this issue but it kept happening and I started to think it was my Wi-Fi but my Wi-Fi is very fast but could still be my Wi-Fi. But I’m at a different place connected to a different Wi-Fi source that also has very fast Wi-Fi and it’s still doing it. I checked Wi-Fi speeds and everything and they are very high but I randomly disconnect and connect over and over from the live server sometimes. Which tbh sometimes it depends on what area of the house I’m in when it does it the most but that never happened before last year so I don’t get it. It’s very annoying when flying in or out of a busy area and I keep disconnecting and reconnecting. I didn’t know if I should put this in support or not was just a question really wondering if this only happens to me and what I should do to fix it maybe idk. I want to attach a video of it happening but it won’t let me so best I can do is explain haha.

it did happen to me, but only on wifi. Even though my wifi speed is great it gets connected and disconnected but now that I fly on data, there’s absolutely no issues.

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I also have had the exact same issue over the last couple of months. Tried things such as lowering my graphic settings but nothing has seemed to work.

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It also happens for me sometimes

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Yeah when I turn my Wi-Fi off and fly off my phones data I don’t get the problem at all even if I’m getting readily slow speeds

yea so i think there’s some issue only when connected to WiFi.

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