Disconnecting from server while making a flight plan


Lately I get disconnected from the live server when I shortly switch to FPL to IF to generate a flight plan. Happens all the time, not a big issue but still annoying, especially when you have a complete flight plan loaded. I already start apps like Infinite Passengers before spawning at the airport from where my flight departs. Basically it comes down to switching from IF to do something else, you cannot take longer than 30 seconds before going back to IF. Otherwise you will get disconnected.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this problem, or others have this issue too.

I use IF on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ running on Android 13 with the latest security patch.


I think it is something normal to get disconnected when leaving the app. Not an issue by itself.

Or I may have misunderstood something…

Disconnecting here is normal behaviour.

It never happened before, it is something that started a few weeks ago, first every now and then, now all the time.

Hi Eric, thanks for the report. How long are leaving the app for when you switch to FPL to IF?

Hi Cameron, no longer than 1 minute. I check in IF which runway I need and then switch to FPL to make the flight plan. I usually first copy the flight plan with the desired SID and altitudes in IF before switching to FPL again to check the amount of fuel I need.

It happened before when you switched for a short while but IF always reconnected automatically. That doesn’t happen anymore.

Unfortunately there is no button to connect to the server manually.

Thanks for the information Eric! We’re working on improvements here so we’ll look into this

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I have all the confidence you guys can solve the problem. You guys are always working hard and dedicated to bring us a top notch experience.


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