Disconnecting from live server

My infinite flight has started disconnecting from the live server, and the app is freezing now? Hasn’t reconnected. Device is an ipad air 2

App has just crashed

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Is your device on IOS-13?

Don’t belive so

for a app lag and crash please look here: support and follow steps from there :)


I’m doing it now, is this why it disconnected?

I don’t know. I would recommend turning your device off and on again. If that does not work, I would then delete and reinstall IF.

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Okay, thank you. It may be that I haven’t updated it to IOS 13 yet!

True, there have been problems. I hope it helps. If nothing works, I would PM @schyllberg as he is more savvy in these things than me.

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Haha, thank you

My pleasure. Please tell me if it starts working again.

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Yep, the flight just crashed so I’ll retry it after the update!

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Doesn’t appear to be happening anymore, not sure what it was? Maybe just a one off thing as I’ve never had the issue before!

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Alrighty! This can be closed now then!

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if you’re having trouble connecting to live server, simple answer, internet problems. Sometimes the steps provided by @Ondrej don’t work:) and sometimes it does

I’ve had this happen on Android as well. For me I usually have to closed the screen and reopen it, which forces the pause menu and unfreezes the game. Not sure if that would work on IOS since this is definitely system dependant.

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Yes, that I also tried that but that’s what crashed the game. Don’t know what the issue was but it’s sorted now!

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