disconnecting autopilot, nose dive

Just tried now by disengaging altitude first. The plane seems as though it wants to dive, but I manage to get it back under control. It would appear also as though lowering flaps makes it want to dip a bit. Strange. Other planes do not seem to do this


Try keeping your aircraft trimmed to 30 not-30, also guessing you got your vs about 800 lift it to 500 pull up and hold as you disconnect. I had the problem but it does work.

Also when you calibrate try holding the forward more so you got lots of space to hold up.

If you want to turn off the A/P without recalibrating, you should practice trimming the plane with the flaps for landing configuration I.E: with 30° flaps on the 737-800 I needed 25% of trim to have a smooth transition.


I agree but I was talking about the first calibration did not mean to calibrate for landing.

Is vertical speed -2000 a nosedive

if it happens in 0.1s then yes

Just re callibrate before disconnecting the auto pilot.

Thanks for helping!