Is there anything I can do to connect again while flying or no?

Yeh, well the server will try and reconnect (don’t quote me on it). And you might be able to reconnect. I’ve done it before.

However, if it doesn’t reconnect you will need to restart and check your internet connection. The latter is the most probable error.

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Hope fully it will because I am flying for over 10h!

Yes, hopefully.

However, do check that you are still connected to the internet. That would most likely be the solution to your problems.

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If your connection is fine otherwise, it’s sometimes possible to trigger a reconnect in Infinite Flight by either changing connection source (WiFi —> Cellular or vice versa) or turning on Flight Mode on your device for approximately 30 seconds.


I didnt work:(
Oh well. Things happen:)
I’m surprised overspeed red things stays were it was when not connected!