Disconnected: NetworkError

Hi, I got a notification on my screen from Apple. Now, it keeps saying disconnected: network error. Is there a way to reset it while in flight? I’m still getting used to this new device thing.

To my knowledge (and previous experience) I don’t think there is a fix. It is a situation where IF thinks you left the app and it will struggle to reconnect. The person below me has a better explanation though

Hey mate,
I’ve had this before. This happens on IOS devices when a notification pauses the app for an extended period of time, which causes the ‘Network error’. The best thing you can do is end your flight, as usually this problem can’t be fixed. However, try following the steps below before ending the flight, this could possibly fix the problem, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Try turning airplane mode off and on before attempting to reconnect. Sometimes killing all the connections for >30 seconds resolves the problem. That worked for me, but if it doesn’t work for you, try resetting your Wi-Fi router, and then reconnect. Hope this helps.

I guess I’ll just continue the flight in solo. One day, they should really put in a button automatically reconnects you