Disconnected: NetworkError

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I was mid-flight in Infinite Flight when I got a low battery notification. I wasn’t home at the time so I don’t know how long it was there for, but as I dismissed it, the HUD was unresponsive. I went out of the simulator, and then back into it. It fixed the HUD problem, but the live server was red. Now, only the live server was red, even though I had a stable and strong connection. I tried to wait it out, but after half an hour it still hasn’t reconnected and shows up with the message “Disconnected: NetworkError”.
I can’t reset the app, as that would end my flight. I’m 2h 30m out of Ataturk and my question is, is there a way to reconnect the Live Server without ending my flight?

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Well, if your Live Server is red then you won’t able to earn XP and Landings. Try go Airplane Mode and then off.

Already done, it didn’t work :/

Exiting the simulator and returning will cause all sorts of problems it should never be done. If it disconnected you and you were disconnected for a half-hour the best thing you can do unfortunately is to end your flight.

The solution to this for all future fights is to never exit out of the Infinite Flight Simulator at any time as this will more than likely disconnect you permanently and could cause you to go “NORDO” which means that ATC would not be able to contact you.


Ok, but exiting out of the simulator wasn’t the cause of this. It started with a low battery notification, which disabled the HUD. I went out for about 5 seconds and after 30 minutes of flying, still didn’t fix the problem. Everything else is working fine.

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Exiting out of the simulator was more than likely the core cause of your disconnect error (which seems like the core of your longterm issue). I’m not going to speculate as to why the HUD froze as I am not sure may I ask what device you’re using for future posters who may pitch in regarding the HUD problem?

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I had this issue once, the only way is exit the app, you don’t want to fly without earning any XP or landing.

I’m using an iPad mini 4. Usually, if I accidentally exit the simulator for a short amount of time, it disconnects me but reconnects shortly after. It hasn’t even made an attempt to reconnect this time.

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Ok. Thank you for that info also. From what I gathered in previous post when you exit out of the simulator you are making a sort of Gamble even if most times it reconnects there’s always that chance that that one time it won’t.

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Well don’t worry,is not your phone problem. Sunday server load. It’s becoming more of an issue across the board actually.

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@Oli_H - as previously mentioned by others, this can happen when paused for a longer time period. When a notification pops up, iOS pauses the app completely after a while… The same thing happens for other apps as well, but most of them are used in a completely different way so it’s less noticeable.

This has nothing to do with our servers or the load on them.


Thank you Seb. Is there any way to fix this?

Usually, no… Not when it’s “NetworkError”.

Are you sure your WiFi is disconnecting when you set it to Airplane mode though? Sometimes killing all connectivity for >30secs can help…

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Thanks for the advice, I’ve ended my flight though

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