Disconnected: Network error

Hello!! I am flying from YYZ - BAA and I was taking a nap and my iPad showed 5 percent battery remaining. So I clicked close and then my infinite flight is not connecting back to the live server and I don’t wanna loose my current flight time! Help is appreciated :)

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Hi Preston! Do you know how long that battery notification was on your screen for? A certain time of inactivity of a flight can result in your connection being suspended for the rest of the flight. Notifications like the low battery one for example can pause the simulator.

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I’m not to sure… but it was probably on long enough to suspend my connection. Is there anyway you think I can talk to someone to reconnect me?

Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that once connection is lost there’s no way in reconnecting after inactivity. A suggestion I can make so you don’t run into this occurrence is to keep your device charged throughout the flight.


Thanks for the support @infiniteflight_17. I just contracted the support team to make sure if there was any possible ways I could be reconnected. Thanks for the help:)

Handled via email