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I was flying from Vienna to Cape Town in expert server and I went for a walk when I came back I was 500 nm from Cape Town and it said that I was disconnected from my user. Why did this happen?

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I’m very sorry you experienced this issue. By any chance, did you happen to loose internet connection? Based on what you’re describing with the “user” aspect, there is also the possibility that your subscription has run out. Do you remember when you last renewed your subscription?

What device are you using?

It was hotel WiFi and the connection is coming and going but it’s when it’s goon it is back up within two seconds

I pad pro 11 inch

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Can you describe the issue more? Were you disconnected from the live server? Did the app crash? Did you receive violation(s)?

I flew after the flight again so I don’t think it is the sub

I did not get violations but I was disconnected from the live server

There’s a limit for how long the flight will continue once the app is disconnected from the internet. The reason for this is because if Infinite Flight cannot connect to the sever in a timely manner, random aircraft will start disappearing and then reappearing. This would be a major issue in a busy area like an ATC controlled environment.

This may be an issue if your connection was bad or you left the app for too long.

For the future, I’d recommend having a stronger connection, or if you left the app or received notifications that paused the app, address that immediately or do not leave the app while flying.

How long were you disconnected for?

I don’t now

But it’s probably just the bad internet

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