Disconnected from the server

Hello! I'm currently doing a flight from EHAM - KBOS and I wanted to get something eat 25 minutes into the flight while cruising. I come back to see that I am disconnected from the server and I'm not sure why. I checked my WIFI Connection and it was stable, So I'm not sure what could be the Issue. Please help!

Details: Callsign - KLM 617 , Server: Training

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It is a lag out, it happens often lower your graphics in your settings

I’m not lagging at all. Gameplay is running smoothly.


It depends quite a lot on various circumstances.
The most usual cause for this is that the app ended up in the background for any reason, which after a while results in the app being put to “sleep” and the online session terminated due to timeout.

A notification on the device perhaps? It’s quite hard to say. We can only speculate :)

No. My device has been on so I can monitor everything that happens like turbulence, A.T.C Calls, etc. I put my device on DND so no notifications can come in.

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