Disconnected from server

A few hours ago (ca 16:00 utc) I was disconnected from the expert server while flying over Britain towards Mexico. I got a message saying I was disconnected, but don’t remember it saying anything else. I waited a few hours in case I got reconnected, but no result.

I have now flown for almost 50 hours in one session so it’s frustrating to end mid flight without a proper landing first. Internet connection is fine and the device is not particularly hot. I have cleared scenery cache.
Is there anything I (or anyone) can do to fix this while flying, or not?


Unfortunately once this message is recieved you are no longer able to gain server access for the rest of the session.

It’s activated by a timer (of a few minutes roughly) which monitors your connection to the servers. It can be disrupted by things such as your router failing to work for a few minutes, disconnecting your device from a network, using other apps such as switching to another app and switching back, or using an window/overlay app such as Messenger. Internal server cutouts do not affect this issue.

Sorry you had to experience this!

Ok. Thank you for answering

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