Disconnected from server every 10mins

well, in the last days this has been happening for no reason, I have good internet and it is in my room, unfortunately a few days ago I was in long haul and when I woke up the game was disconnected from the server and it had crashed. do you know what happens
(Images below)

What steps have you taken to ensure that you have a strong and stable connection to the internet?

• Do you reboot your router?
• Have you observed a poor WiFi signal at times?
• Do you close all apps and restart your device before flights?

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I reboot my router, Yes
I have good wifi speed
I restart my phone before flying every time

There’s definitely something going on but determining exactly what since it is network related on your end is going to be difficult to decipher. We have decent internet at my house but as of late the connection on the providers side has been unreliable and sporadic.

I’d recommend contacting your internet service provider to see if they can dig deeper into this issue for you. They have the authority and resources to investigate your connection provided by them. Latency and bandwidth have been a problem for people trapped at home, their equipment is not able to handle all of the demand on their local network since everyone is streaming or browsing the internet on multiple devices.

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I’ve not tested this, but is it possible you have auto-lock activated on your phone?
Just a thought

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