Disconnected from Live Server

Hello, I’m making a flight, I got distracted around 2-3 minutes, then I noticed that my phone was with the message “Low Battery” so I close it but I can’t connect with the Live Server, says “Disconnected: NetworkError”. I have tried closing and open the app but it still disconnected from live.
My device is an IPhone 7 Plus

When this happens you have to end your flight and restart. Once the system pauses the app for a few minutes it won’t ever reconnect

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It’s a long haul flight in group :(

If this happens to you again
Turn on Airplane Mode for a minute and reconnect
I’ve tried this before and my flight was fine after
Are you still inflight?

@AviationJack I did it, but it still disconnected

I have the exact same issue. Forgot to plug in my iPad and woke up with 4% left.

Do you have stable internet connection?

Yes, I still in flight but it still disconnected

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Before you quit the flight try switching your device to Airplane Mode for 30 seconds and then switch it back.

I’ll let a mod take over here

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I have tried 3 times :(

Other than resetting your router I’m afraid there aren’t many options other than what Chatta stated in his response up top.

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