Disconnected From Live Server Midflight (first time in a long time)

During my flight from YSSY-KLAX yesterday I got disconnected from the live server 3 times, the first time it reconnected itself, but the two other times I had to manually swip down and turn off and on wifi. Am I the only one experiencing this or has it happened to others in this update. Before this never happened to me. I would be able to try and restart my router, but it is mounted on a high spot in the house.

I would also like to mention my app crashed for the first time in like 9 months, but that is out of the question.

Device Info:
iPad pro 10.5 (2017)
iOS: 13.1.2

FYI: I have not done a flight until now since the new update was released

It’s a known issue for mainly Apple currently.

I imagine you may have been having issues with the your wifi connection. It may have been a funny few moments. Has this occurred any other time?

It is most likely your internet connection due to there being no other large amounts of people reporting this.

If you live in Australia it’s just a basic part of life nowadays. Next flight try and do it at off peak times.


First time in a very long time. Last time was like last year. Surprisingly I went this long without problems

I imagine it was just a quick wifi issue. If the problem persists then you should open up another support topic, but we sometimes just have these moments that are a bit buggy, and sometimes can last long enough to kick you off the servers. 🙃

I generally use my phone when I fly so if there is a connection issue I switch to a cellular signal automatically and reconnect to the wifi when it’s working again.

I’ve heard how Australia wifi is bad, I can logically understand that, but don’t common sense understand it?

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I usally fly at night, PDT but this time I left around 19:00.

Currently flying LAX-SFO, I did get disconnected agin, but it reconnected. The test flight will be 4 hours tomorrow, maybye a 17 hour just to go long.

Not sure if and where Apple says it, but on another device or whatever you have free, can you see the network speed? I’m sure it overall means nothing but can relate somehow to your connection.

probably. might have to change my DNS since I am using and

Happened to me a few days ago. Almost same case. Internet connection was bad, same type of iPad and app had never crashed…

Well, I have found somewhat of a solution, but after you takeoff turn on limit framerate, lower brightness by half, and have a cooling device like a small portable fan to cool the back of the ipad. So far it has worked on a 17 hour flight.

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