Disconnected from live server and not reconnecting

So, I was doing an overnight flight and sometime in the middle of the night I received a pop-up notification (those you have to click “ok” to make it disappear, and that pause your game) and as I was asleep I couldn’t make it disappear, so, Infinite Flight showed me that the live server disconnected on the top right, and it’s not fixing itself. Is there any way I can fix it without losing my flight?

Device: IPad Mini 5
Operating system: IPad OS 15.4

Try this instruction below:

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Restart your flight

If this still doesn’t work, feel free to contact support@infiniteflight.com

Wdym by restarting my flight?

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Have you check your internet connection?

Yes, I have

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Try this instruction below:

Bollocks, I think I lost this flight

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The server will automatically terminate your session after not noticing you (timeout) for a certain amount of time. This makes reconnecting not possible.

Out of curiosity, how long is that time before you get disconnected?

Do you know how long it is specifically? I’m dealing with this now but mine was only disconnected for a few minutes.

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