Disconnected from ATC for no reason?

I was controlling approach at KNUC for around 45 minutes, and then got disconnected randomly with the message “you have not responded for 120 seconds, you have been disconnected,” while I was vectoring aircraft the entire time. I’m a little confused about why that happened. Can anyone help?

Maybe you didn’t respond to one person for 2 minutes? That’s all I can think of unless it was a glitch or something.

There was one person I was ignoring because I had finished vectoring them, cleared them for their approach, told them to contact tower, but they insisted on repeatedly requesting an approach. Surely I shouldn’t be disconnected because people don’t know what “contact tower” means

Were you vectoring the other pilot as it happened? Had you been quiet for 120 seconds?

I was vectoring about 6 other pilots at the same time, I definitely was not quiet!

Ok. Did you have any message blinking for more than 2 minutes?

I don’t believe so, I had cleared the flight strip of the pilot I was ignoring as mentioned above, that’s the only pilot I hadn’t responded to.

Hm, i’m not 100% sure what happens if that guy you swiped did send a message which you ignored before you swiped him away.

I’d have to refer to @Tyler_Shelton - any idea?

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It was likely just an overlooked aircraft or as you said swiped someone away and didn’t get a response back to them.