Disconnected flight for unable to communicate

Okay, here’s something I’m not sure about. I went to RJTT and made contact with the Tokyo approach. My landing was completed due to the heavy traffic, and I was instructed to climb up and maintain fl4000, as well as to turn left heading 160. Then he instructed me to turn left on 040, descend, and maintain a 2000. After a while, the atc instructed me to turn left onto 320. I followed what he told me and kept on going. However, it appears that he has disconnected my flight because I have been unable to communicate with him for unknown reasons. Can anyone here tell me what exactly was the reason for my disconnected flight? Thanks!:)

I believed the one controlling the approach was JefferyTian

Hello! You can PM your controller to gain insight to this. I believe @JeffreyTian is your guy.

I let you report airport in sight twice and you didn’t do it.May I know the reason?l

Let’s handle this in DM’s as mentioned. Cheers!

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