Disconnected by staff member

I don’t know who it was, or the reason, but when I only had 17 minutes left to get to WADD after a 9h flight, I was disconnected from the server by a member of the staff, according to the message that appeared on the screen. I would like to know why, since it has ruined my flight when I was about to complete it, thank you.

Do you know who disconnected you?

And did it say you were reported?

Hello! Can you also explain the events prior to disconnection also?

No bro, i dont know

It should show in replays.

If you look in your replay files you should see who reported you.

This is should also be present when it happens. Here is an example.

I got that image from this topic.

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That’s should be in the logbook

nothing strange, a few minutes ago I had started my descent when I was disconnected from the server

We’re you not in separation with an airplane or anything? Even better, would you take a screenshot of the flight that you got disconnected from in the logbooks?

Was WADD opened by IFATC at the moment?

I have not committed any violation. I have not been reported. the message that appeared on the screen was that it had been disconnected by a member of the staff. in the logbook there is no report or violation indicated

Can you share a screenshot?

Check your messages in the upper right hand corner of this website please. Thanks.