Disconnected by someone

I was Flying between Tahiti and Miami with a B772 American Airline. Then, after 8hours of flight, I was preparing my descent and my landing WHEN… A message appeared at the center of my screen and it was marked that someone was connecting and flying with my account so my throttles have been shot down and my plane crashed in the Mexican sea.
I don’t know if it is a bug or if someone really flew with my account…
My logbook is stopping at my last flight : NTAA —> ••••
Please help me!


This was due to a server issue recently, please see the following:

Additionally, check out this announcement posted by the staff team:


Okayy, thanks! Really I was beginning to panic… But now I’m disappointed because I lost my flight but reassured that no-one get my password…
Thanks to you @Luke_M you sincerely helped me.

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